Winding up the school life

It’s 25th January, 2015 and there are just two months to feel like we are in school. As soon as the so called board exam gets over we will officially become ex-students of our school. It will be a feeling of relaxation that we finally completed our school but at the same time we will leave our school with heavy, painful hearts.

I hear most of the people saying let’s start our schooling days all over again, for now we know what’s right and wrong we won’t make any silly mistake and do everything we did not do in our school time. But we need to believe that all the mistakes, good things, brilliant marks we got, parties we did, and made friends during our school days were things we felt worth doing at that time. We were happy making those wonderful memories! So there is nothing to regret now. Be proud and happy for getting this opportunity of the being in the best school and learning something and making such wonderful friends as some unfortunate children do not even get to see the school building.

While we are happy now for everything we did and even sad for all the wrong happenings, it’s time we get serious about our studies too. It’s time to show our parents, teachers and everybody who helped us throughout our school life that their efforts were worth by  gifting them the excellent result as we pass out from the school. So, we have to work hard because after we pass out school there waits a world with lots and lots of opportunities and competition, where we will have to bend down with shame or even will look up proudly for things we will do. It will be a time we would become responsible ‘ADULTS’ and behave maturely and will be taking big decisions of our life. There will be the fun factor here too but with new buddies and new beginnings. So let’s promise ourselves to work hard, be positive, passionate and most of all CHILLAX!


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