Holy trip (that surprisingly turned out a fun trip as well)

Having returned from the short trip, it was not possible for me to not to write about the same.

Heta’s(my friend) family and my family planned this trip to”Shrinathji, Nathdwara” which is a holy place especially for the strong believers of lord Krishna. This place is not so big but good enough for the devotees. Over there , there is a big temple where Lord Krishna’s idol is there and where god resides(spiritually). We all started the journey on last friday and reached safely. When we checked in the hotel same question came in my and Heta’s mind that do we have Wi-Fi available there?  So to our great surprise the facility was there and we were so joyous.

After some time we worshiped god at 3 different “Darshan”(getting to see the god and praying him) timings, and half day went really well with food and jokes altogether. The next day which was saturday, was followed by my most favourite “Darshan” the “Darshan” of “Mangla” at 5:15 am which initiates all the other different “Darshan” with various timings. Lord Krishna had many forms and so he is worshiped in different attires also called “Swaroops”. Later we did 3 different type of “Darshan” and took some time out for shopping and tasting the varieties of local delicasies.

I would share this hilarious incident, that as there is so much crowd to worship god inside the temple and there is an atmosphere of jostling inside the temple, though male and female sections are separate, Heta and me did the “Darshan” and came out breathing a sigh of relief, but Heta had this idea to go again and worship, though there was so much of crowd. And so we went. But there was so much jostling that the minute we stepped inside we were pushed outside roughly by aunties!! we were about to fall and then suddenly we started laughing.

Later half of the day was followed by snap chat stories, chatting on whatsapp, clicking selfies and cracking hilarious joke on how Heta scratched someone’s cheek due to her long nails by mistake!! hahahahah it was too funny to forget.

Today we did the early morning “Darshan” and another one after that. After packing some sandwiches, we departed for vadodara. All in all it was such a wonderful experience! i will cherish this for my entire life, and so will Heta.


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