I may have met you earlier,

Moments of happiness may have passed,

Few years later you come again!

Talking, eating and cracking jokes with you,

Making friends together all the way

And promises of togetherness forever,

We were not lovers! We were something else.

Between best friends and just friends.

People thought it was beyond friendship!

But it was mere true friendship.

Never met you outside the institutions except extra classes!

Never shared a half roti with you but still expected that you will understand

Understand that regular meetings won’t suit us

All we had was our authorized and permitted meeting times by parents

You had your own views and often we had a row

Later both of us would regret it and unite again

Now that everything is getting over,

Can we ever wish to chill and make merry again?

Or clear our subject related doubts?

Where I would ask them only to talk to you

And learned just a bit from what you explained!

It was not love, really! Just wanted a side of you

For all the faults we had, never stopped us from rejoicing

But your faults will benefit me.

The reason?

It’s simple as going far from you and not crying is not possible

Instead I would hold back my tears and think you left because of your faults

But all this just from outside

From inside I appreciate the real you

If it’s really the time to bid adieu to you

Then be it!

I will be ready whatsoever!

But are you?





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