Nights…. <3

Nights make me happy.

I REALLY LOVE NIGHTS! Nights just have something in them.Results suggests i am a night owl rather than a morning lark! it’s true 🙂 Nights have that magic I cannot describe. Nights give you peace after a day’s hard work and some quality time with your family. The reason why I love nights? I tend to create a whole new environment for myself at night. Mostly after 10 pm my family dozes off, leaving behind the television, the WHOLE KITCHEN, empty rooms and lot of silence. In my room I have a totally different time when night approaches. There is so much to do! Playing some good loud music, editing pictures, writing on topics, and earlier when school was there, at that time there was so much of homework piled up, altogether to be done at night. Statistics! I used to practice each sum with a Bollywood track and the speed I got was just so fast.

Munching snacks was another thing which I do even now! At this very minute I have something in my mouth(spicy wafers)!! ha ha eating at night has its own charm! I make some yummy maggi and a cup of coffee when I think there is nothing which will excite my taste buds. I follow my heart when it comes to food.

When you find people like you who are late night people, then its a wish come true. I have such insomniac friends! Seriously the time flies like free bird during night. It’s another thing that mornings be lazy and i-cannot-wake-up types, but it’s worth I think. Worth for me at least.

It’s true that one cannot see the bloomed flowers and happy birds and the bright sun during night, but the silence, the music, the food, the scent of some flowers which they emit during nights are really worth it.

But as people say ‘After a dark night, comes a bright morning’ , are really our nights bad? It’s we who make our nights darker! And think nights are negative. This mentality should be changed as nights gives us that extra time to work upon our plus points and impress the world! Moreover impress ourselves by our capabilities.

“So nights never you feel sad and lonely, because I am there to make so much of good out of you and I love you infinity”


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