Being Beautiful


Here I want to make it clear that I am not going to advice you on using any beauty product and will also not tell you to exercise, eat right food or you know anything external. I am going to talk about how to outshine with your inner beauty. The beauty which lies in your heart. Philosophical enough? Ha-ha but to some extent only.

 Yes, outer beauty is essential because it is one of those things that speak volumes about your personality, but if outer looks do not work then it will always be the inner ‘YOU’ which will do wonders for you. To be beautiful from inside is very easy is not something I will tell you to believe because I too find it pretty hard. Talking about the qualities one needs to be beautiful from inside be somewhat like this-polite behavior, no arguments type of attitude, kind nature, not criticizing people by their outer looks because you never really know what qualities their heart possesses ,etc.these qualities might help you.  Usually we tend to take the following compliment very seriously and feel so proud about it which is “You have a beautiful soul” and that’s where we melt, because people have melted for us because they think we have a beautiful soul. And this compliment literally means that we are really, really good!!!

  I illustrate the following statements – You are a fatso and you can never be beautiful, you have murdered a person so you can never be nice, you have had many affairs and so you can never be loyal! These statements have some things in common-The adjectives beautiful, nice and loyal which are often necessary for a pious heart. I would never call a fat person ugly just because of his/looks. And if the criminal has murdered and has realized his mistake and is trying to improve then he is a good man. And what will the world do if someone had affairs? Can he/she not settle finally with someone and keep their spouse happy for their entire life? Yes he/she can. We need wise, understanding and warm heart to accept peculiar things.

I believe that my heart has a mind which is very emotional than my real mind (that’s the difference probably). This is my theory. I am trying really hard to become a beautiful person (internally). I wish I be the same soon.

 Supporting people when they do not deserve it will make you beautiful. I am not telling to support the wrong ones but supporting non-deserving people by giving them courage to do something which will make them deserve everyone’s love is something a beautiful heart does. Ovation for people who do great deeds and being happy in their happiness makes you beautiful. Making umpteen efforts to free someone from their sorrows makes you a beautiful person. And lastly doing everything for yourself and your loved ones without any bad vibe or thought will eventually make your soul beautiful.

Being beautiful from outside is a good thing but beauty which comes from within is a very precious and one of the finest quality.


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