Dear night ,

As soon as you convert yourself

Into a day,

My hopes enlighten!

That you will come,

Again and make my mood brightened.

You give me a priceless roof of stars,

And my favorite moon

You allow me to talk my heart out with anyone I wish to be with!

The soft, cool breeze

Touches my skin and relaxes my soul as I look up to the constellations

Stars have to show me.

And the moon? Well, I love it the most!

More because without you I,

Couldn’t have seen its milk color though

It has spots on a closer look.

The stars wink and twinkle

As if all for me ^_^

I become so joyous that I cannot express.

Owls too do not sleep,

Just because they cannot afford to miss the vibes and positivity you emit, though in darkness

I am a night owl, your highness.

I love you more than any other time of the day.

Everyone relaxes their muscles for a good sleep when you are there.

Some know how to value you,

And enjoy every second, minute and hour you provide.

I thank you the most for I can compose my best write-ups,

When you approach me!

You are my lady luck, hard to lose

You are like a guest I would like to have forever!!

Others who are scared of you,

Do not know how beautiful and pious you are.

Yours forever admirer and lover

-A night owl :*


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