A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance-Humans. We humans are so unique. Sometimes I wonder what if we did not exist? What if the mountains, river, forests, buildings, and sky nothing would ever be there? Just think about it and you will be blank. Now that we humans have created a world for ourselves, why not live here peacefully and decently? And show some humanity?

We all eat. Party. Make friends. Shop our favorite clothes. Go to work. Rest in our houses. Wash the clothes. Clean the vessels. Pay the bills. Dine out. Marry. Go on picnics. Have heart breaks. Make a new friend. Do endless struggle. Enjoy the promotion our boss gives us. Buy gifts for the beloved. Do some charity. Scold our kids. Shout at the beggars. Click pictures. Realize our real friends. Feel lost. Feel blank. Feel elated. And what not! If I write endlessly then the numerous activities we do can never be jotted down in one go.

God has given us such a body which works till our death to keep us alive. We have such minds which can do wonders, and we have examples too. But why does it happen that we humans lose our senses and do things which are not acceptable? Why do people kill each other? Why do rapists increase? Why does kidnapping happen? The answer to this is not poverty or the type of society we live in but the way we think. Remember that society is US.

It just takes one good thought to change our own worst condition. If you think well, positively and keep your mind active then trust me, we can find quick solutions to our problems. If you are poor and unskilled and cannot afford to learn things then do petty jobs like a servant or a work at construction site. I know employment nowadays is not possible so easily but then trying will never fail you. At least that will decrease criminals! And increase hardworking people.

I feel real pity when I think about orphans, old age homes, hear about deaths due someone’s carelessness, and suicides due to exam pressure or farmers who do it because they are helpless. I wish such things reduce rapidly and we humans know the worth of each other. And the above things I mentioned are not just feelings but I will try and give happiness to some in coming time.

Let’s help each other, let’s show that we all are united and let us show respect, love and care to each other and not just to our family. All in all lets become the humans who are all one team working hard day-by-day for the betterment.


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