Life Goals

Don’t tell me anything,

What is wrong , what is right.

For i want to experiment

I want to see what it takes to do things on our own

I may fall,cry,plead badly for help but,

Never you think I can not get up

Plus do not help me also.

For you are my familiarity you will always come,

I want to see how strangers help,

And what it seems as to adjust in the weird situations.

You may think i am excited and crazy right now,

And in long run,

I cannot survive without you,

But that, is your mistake!

I love you and will die for you.

But, i would never want to you to decide my life.

You wish for my betterment,

But how do I tell you

I want to write my own story with my own pen,

Want to run for the ink if the pen is less of ink

I want to struggle,experiment,win,lose

And above all want to live seldom

Talking about the responsibilities towards you,

Don’t worry, because I will fulfill them all.

I will give you the best life and health,

But as of now leave me alone, let me fly and be on my own

Let me also see what this world really wants from me,

I have often heard, that this world is very bad,

So, I want to see the evils and goodness of this world,

I want to see how much I lose and how much do I gain.

But for that I will have to come out from your protective shell.

Please let me out and bless me to spread my wings out and feel that I am alive.


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