Childhood is really the happiest period of any individual. Missing and realizing the importance of my childhood, I rethink all the moments I had spent in my childhood. Be it nonstop cartoon watching or sleeping by hearing the song my grandma sang for me. Ha-ha I also remember how daddy used to take me forcefully to the barber’s and I used to cry so hard.

I cannot forget how mummy used to scold me if I did not eat the khichdi with ghee!! There are endless memories stored in our heart if we talk about childhood. Living the childhood period again, I mean after you are 18 may not be the same but it can surely give you aww moments and happy ones too. Childhood is full of candies, the excitement of wearing new clothes, not able to wait for your birthday and call friends and eat cake, of how our one cry would give us things we wanted.

 Everyone hopefully remembers their childhood with delight. But growing up is not that bad as people think. I have read on instagram like” you were such a cutie good boy!! Now what happened??” to which answer came “I grew up!” woahhh!! Such a reply is too much of an overreaction.

According to me we should enjoy each phase of our life and have the most happening bitter-sweet memories out of each phase. Off course, childhood was more of a simple, stress free phase but back then we were dependent for little things. Growing up makes us understand more of ourselves.

I believe age is just a number, phases and moments hold a prime place. There is nothing like if you are 6 years old then you could learn how to swim, or anything else even I am learning to swim now!! There is no age to learn and no age to think you cannot do something because of your age, as far as you have the capacity to do it. You can do anything which kids do.

We all are humans and we are born to do things. To do crazy, good, pathetic things and learn from them. Childhood had mature hands to carry us when we fall and our adulthood has our own mind, heart to make us realize what’s correct-incorrect. I just wish to make the best of my life and not hear what others think of me. I don’t want to mind any comments of people be it hey beautiful or hey aunty!! Ha-ha. I want to be stupid and smart. Alert and fooled. And everything else. So do all of us.

It’s  just one life, make most of it and be happy. 😀


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