Welcome to reality- COLLEGE!

Think of a change and you will be excited! Changes generally excite us if they are acute and in simple and small ways. But if I think about the change I experienced on 6th July, 2015 which was the day that has marked the beginning of my college life, this change from school life to college life was a massive one. There were new faces, beautiful new campus and new teachers who will impart knowledge to us. Nevertheless I am very excited for it and will give my best shot!

New beginnings are always going to bring a bouquet of blessings from elders and happiness and excitement from your peers. Particularly talking about my situation then switching from the school life to college life is going to be super fun plus in college we are going to grow as an individual and will learn life lessons.

College teaches us what school taught us but in a more practical way and where we will have real problems and we will have to face them.

This is a fresh and inexperienced phase of my life which I eagerly want to experience and learn from. Like they say that it’s going to be like a roller coaster ride wherein we will face the real ups and downs of life and what it takes to excel in something by team work and devotion. We will have tough times but just one solution to deal with it which to DEAL WITH IT.

Not writing much and just hoping that time gives us enough time to make wonderful memories with our new batch mates(though I have some of my school friends but others are new) and we will learn good things from this college and achieve success we are desiring from such a long time.


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