The 18th Birthday!

14th August, 2015. This was the very date which marked the adulthood of my life technically! Meaning to say Ii turned 18 on this date. So, turned 18 and all haan ? My parents and friends asked me with that typical tone you know? I was like yeah but please don’t expect me to grow so big and utterly responsible like so soon.

Coming back to that day, it was pretty good. My second best friend, idiot Purva had called me at 11:57 pm and was like that she will only be the first one to wish me, and we were talking like fools for the rest of 3 minutes. And then it was 12:00am and she was like “okay stop your talks and happy birthday girl!! You are 18 yaaayyiee” And I was laughing like retards and thanking her and she was laughing too. Then my other best friend who was in California for a mini vacation, couldn’t call me properly and so texted me a message wherein I could only see hearts and a happy birthday! Both of my super idiot best friends had uploaded a picture on instagram and had written down cute things as caption, plus they were forcing me to see their upload ha-ha-ha. Whatever they are I love them both and was very happy seeing them do cute little things for me.

Later mummy was furious because she wasn’t getting any chance to wish me because I was engrossed with my friends. Though later kissing my cheeks she told “happy 18th baacha, long live but live wisely” and I had a call from my dad who was out of station for some work and he sang the whole birthday song for me on the call and even his friends who were with him wished me by the song and daddy started giving me word of advises. That was the all about THE 12:00 AM WISHES.

Later in the morning I went to college and people wished me. I gave a treat to my friends in the canteen and things went nicely. After the college was over I met Pranshu, helly and later we went to cut my cake which helly had made herself and that was so cute of her. Purva and harshita(horshoe) too joined us and we went at my house to cut the cake. And later we had experimented my selfie stick by going on the roof and clicking pictures. I had such happy hours spent I cannot describe! Though my 18th was a bit simple because I couldn’t throw a party as heta was not here, a grand party when she comes is sure on the charts. The funny part is I keep wondering what heta will bring me from there and then I feel all excited and I text her and we joke.

Coming back to my so-called 18th birthday, for the dinner we all as in helly,purva,kalpita and harshita and me went to Mirch Masala . we all got ready at helly’ s place and had so much fun being dressed and clicking pictures. Later at Mich Masala we had yummy Punjabi food and cracked hilarious jokes.

I had such a calm 18th birthday but the people who were with me and who will always be made it a memorable one and I love them so much.

I thank all the people who wished me , had done efforts to make me happy and people who from this adulthood, swear to be with me till the very old age(ALL MY MAINS) ❤


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