Perfection? or No Perfection?

Seldom I think,

How the world of perfection will be?

Will it be a world of perfections which I want? Or

A world of natural perfections?

What would happen if it seems to be world of my perfections?

Obviously Iwill be excited but,

Will I be satisfied? Maybe. But a perfect world? How would it feel ,

To live somewhere where there are no flaws?

Will it make us happy? It may. But it can take away many of our life experiences.

Having everything correct and without any corrections can be boring and uninspiring!

A perfect world is not just all about zero flaws and everything as per our wish,

But a perfect world is something we create out of our mistakes.

If I imagine a perfect life with lot of wealth and good people,

Then I will have to work for it and then will I see a perfect self-made world.

“NOTHING IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD” but food your mom cooked for you may be perfect,

You may find a boy/girl who may have flaws but is perfect for you!

You may find your room perfect someday which you find messy and dirty every day!

You may have a perfect day with everything you want.

Likewise perfection is related to self perspective.

What you feel is good for you seems perfect to you!

Though it may be imperfect in many ways.

You find something perfect for yourself,

This means you have done something with it and experienced something.

Feeling the sense of perfection is all about converting something into perfect thing.

Perfection is not an easy art. Provided it’s an art, anyone with his own ideas can,

Attain perfection in anything.

So, always think of a world of self made perfections.





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