How a café feels ~

Holaa! I am a café A cafe in France.

I am someone’s favourite & someone may dislike my coffee!

Many people every day, every hour visit me!

I have seen many relationships blossom,

And many breakups.

A lot happens over the coffee i provide and i love seeing people rejoice

I have seen everything! From friends coming down and clicking selfies,

Trying out new coffee flavours and having a gala time: D

To big businessmen coming over and discussing hefty deals!

I love it the most when kids smile while they enjoy their frappe

Its super cute when early teens come and try to show off in front of their girlfriends and order stuff.

Not a single day does it happen that I don’t see a person waiting for the other,

And later their sweet fights over some coffee!

I also see people coming and spending some time with their self, reading a book with creamy coffee!

I feel super cool when pretty girls with their shopping bags come and drink coffee!

How sophisticated people come and act so nicely makes me feel their respect towards me.

I have seen each mode, every type of person, and I provide every type of coffee and snacks.

And that makes my life so beautiful being just a COOL café.


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