Best friend turns 19🎉

Just don’t know how to begin..But I remember how it all began!

Two little girls with fear in their hearts and tear in their eyes,

Wanted to befriend someone nice! 

Fate had it and we met in the second standard.!

From then you have been with me leaving no leaf unturned! 

Those millions of fights and talks of spice

We were gossip queens from childhood! Ohh nicee.!!

Celebrating friendship days with bands and celebriting real friendship on needy matters we grew up! 

Not knowing one day we are gonna get screwed up! Haha

Boyfriend matters and petty confusions, hot selfies and ugly pictures we were growing up so fast.!

School was our happy place from sitting together to dining together it all made sense because we are best friends.!

I didn’t know how these twelve and a half years have passed.! But yea I got your back ladyyyy! 

Ah now I call you ladyyy, my pretty lady with the kindest heart and sweetest soul.!

I love you as a person and moree! 

You carried your fatasss till 19 years!! Haha glad I am to be by your side and wish you! 

Don’t worry I am there for you❤️
Happy 19th! Heta shah❤️


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