Human connections

It is said that sometimes you meet people and there’s no effort required, no flaunting to be done and there is nothing to hide as you just connect with that person. But many of us may believe this belief to be vague or not true, and it is okay to believe like that as some people may require more time and efforts to connect with the fellow person so it’s alright.
But, but, but, for those who believe that something of this sort does happen, like connecting with someone’s attitude instantly or having a good conversation with them without a single dull moment, are the ones who are lucky or we can say for that sort of people that miracles do happen. Don’t you think it is great to be connecting with someone’s talks or just the way they are? It all seems strange in the beginning like you didn’t even know that the person with whom you are so good friends with now, could actually have entered your life or not! Quoting another famous saying that goes like this ‘if it is meant to happen it will always happen’ and this is not just about finding your soul mate, but finding good people to surround with and finding friends who turn into your family. It’s like meeting new people and loving them so much just for the way they are and how they make you feel about the both of you or just you.

Having someone though just as friend who understands you, your dumb jokes, your moods and still finds you good enough to talk is a blessing. Moreover, it all depends upon the mindset of both of you. It may happen that you connect with a person really well like just so quickly but that may not be the same for that person on the other side. But, that does not mean you both are not meant to have any future as one can always take time and know the other person well to make things work. Some efforts are surely required in order to know someone.

 Its only in those rare cases about which I have mentioned before that you instantly connect with a person and you both share a hilariously good bond.

But those instant connections are not be just left there and there but should be nurtured for a lifetime, to increase their life span. You may have been friends with someone on a very short notice (haha, I mean very quickly), but if you put zero efforts to make your friendship last longer, then that miracle which happened will be of no use!

In this world there are so many people and so many moods to deal with, to love, to laugh on, to help and what not! We just need to find ‘our people’ and retain them not only for the rest of our lives but also to infinity and beyond.


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