Life Goals

Don’t tell me anything,

What is wrong , what is right.

For i want to experiment

I want to see what it takes to do things on our own

I may fall,cry,plead badly for help but,

Never you think I can not get up

Plus do not help me also.

For you are my familiarity you will always come,

I want to see how strangers help,

And what it seems as to adjust in the weird situations.

You may think i am excited and crazy right now,

And in long run,

I cannot survive without you,

But that, is your mistake!

I love you and will die for you.

But, i would never want to you to decide my life.

You wish for my betterment,

But how do I tell you

I want to write my own story with my own pen,

Want to run for the ink if the pen is less of ink

I want to struggle,experiment,win,lose

And above all want to live seldom

Talking about the responsibilities towards you,

Don’t worry, because I will fulfill them all.

I will give you the best life and health,

But as of now leave me alone, let me fly and be on my own

Let me also see what this world really wants from me,

I have often heard, that this world is very bad,

So, I want to see the evils and goodness of this world,

I want to see how much I lose and how much do I gain.

But for that I will have to come out from your protective shell.

Please let me out and bless me to spread my wings out and feel that I am alive.



A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance-Humans. We humans are so unique. Sometimes I wonder what if we did not exist? What if the mountains, river, forests, buildings, and sky nothing would ever be there? Just think about it and you will be blank. Now that we humans have created a world for ourselves, why not live here peacefully and decently? And show some humanity?

We all eat. Party. Make friends. Shop our favorite clothes. Go to work. Rest in our houses. Wash the clothes. Clean the vessels. Pay the bills. Dine out. Marry. Go on picnics. Have heart breaks. Make a new friend. Do endless struggle. Enjoy the promotion our boss gives us. Buy gifts for the beloved. Do some charity. Scold our kids. Shout at the beggars. Click pictures. Realize our real friends. Feel lost. Feel blank. Feel elated. And what not! If I write endlessly then the numerous activities we do can never be jotted down in one go.

God has given us such a body which works till our death to keep us alive. We have such minds which can do wonders, and we have examples too. But why does it happen that we humans lose our senses and do things which are not acceptable? Why do people kill each other? Why do rapists increase? Why does kidnapping happen? The answer to this is not poverty or the type of society we live in but the way we think. Remember that society is US.

It just takes one good thought to change our own worst condition. If you think well, positively and keep your mind active then trust me, we can find quick solutions to our problems. If you are poor and unskilled and cannot afford to learn things then do petty jobs like a servant or a work at construction site. I know employment nowadays is not possible so easily but then trying will never fail you. At least that will decrease criminals! And increase hardworking people.

I feel real pity when I think about orphans, old age homes, hear about deaths due someone’s carelessness, and suicides due to exam pressure or farmers who do it because they are helpless. I wish such things reduce rapidly and we humans know the worth of each other. And the above things I mentioned are not just feelings but I will try and give happiness to some in coming time.

Let’s help each other, let’s show that we all are united and let us show respect, love and care to each other and not just to our family. All in all lets become the humans who are all one team working hard day-by-day for the betterment.


“I cannot find this mummy help me out!!!!” my dialo10354155_541432135988184_1836045248281417046_ngue every now and then. I knew, if I could not find something then my mummy would and if she too could not then that thing was actually lost. Yeah, I had such strong confidence on my mummy.

On this special day, I would obviously wish mummy typically “A very happy mother’s day mom” and you know she would thank me, hug and kiss me etc, etc. but no. I will tell her about the type of bond she shares with me and make her smile by some of our hilarious bad, no not bad but worst instances and yes the good ones too.

I would always wish that mummy should act like me for fun. And she being a sport acted like me like so well and I was there rolling with laughter. My mummy is an amalgamation. An amalgamation of comedy, confidence, fitness freak, book worm, one with munificent nature and my friend. Yeah I love her but at times there is a war between her and me you would never like to miss.

I think and smile about the crazy pictures we clicked, jokes we cracked, how we commented on passer by people secretly so they could not hear us! ^_^   those ramp walks at home on the floor after we shopped new clothes and then eating like we weigh nothing! All this sounds like things we do with our friends right? Yes my mummy is my friend. ❤

A support system, a good listener and my true adviser plus my bank with money in her hands to give me, with a demand of the expense chit of the money she gave me previously.  Still I love her whatsoever.

She knows when to release me free and when to hold me back! Though I have issues to this but it’s okay. J And when we fight I always be a cry baby and she be THE HITLER ha-ha-ha! But after sometime she is like get up, wipe your tears and come let’s go out and eat what you want or do whatever you want to do. And then I had all the power and freedom and we did a lot of crazy things!!

I wish I could make something for her today like I used to do before when I was a kid. I literally made those cute greeting cards, smelling of those oil pastels I had. The whole card covered with hearts and stars and bold letters saying “LOVE YOU MOM”.  Those were the days, I feel nostalgic about. But I know mom and me will rock the coming years! J


A very happy mother’s day to all my friends’ mothers too. Because they are special too. ❤

Dear night ,

As soon as you convert yourself

Into a day,

My hopes enlighten!

That you will come,

Again and make my mood brightened.

You give me a priceless roof of stars,

And my favorite moon

You allow me to talk my heart out with anyone I wish to be with!

The soft, cool breeze

Touches my skin and relaxes my soul as I look up to the constellations

Stars have to show me.

And the moon? Well, I love it the most!

More because without you I,

Couldn’t have seen its milk color though

It has spots on a closer look.

The stars wink and twinkle

As if all for me ^_^

I become so joyous that I cannot express.

Owls too do not sleep,

Just because they cannot afford to miss the vibes and positivity you emit, though in darkness

I am a night owl, your highness.

I love you more than any other time of the day.

Everyone relaxes their muscles for a good sleep when you are there.

Some know how to value you,

And enjoy every second, minute and hour you provide.

I thank you the most for I can compose my best write-ups,

When you approach me!

You are my lady luck, hard to lose

You are like a guest I would like to have forever!!

Others who are scared of you,

Do not know how beautiful and pious you are.

Yours forever admirer and lover

-A night owl :*

Why does this happen?

I am not an anti-social person. In fact I love hanging out with good people, spending quality time with friends and making each day very happy for me and people around me.

But I cannot tell why this happens to me. This is really a rude behavior from my side if I think from others point of view. I mean at the end of the day if I wanted to do what I do always which is not a good behavior then why at all I think of socializing?

What I am talking about is that in the beginning, for example when guests come at my house I am very excited, happy and think of all the fun I will have. And then when the guests come, I enjoy also with them, but after some point of time I separate myself from them and tend to be alone in my own world. I then suddenly think only of myself and often refuse to go to some places with them if I find that going to those places won’t suit me. I mean, I should go there just for the sake of them! I know they feel bad and will think I am a weirdo but then I can’t help it. Seriously. And my parents? They are like do whatever is comfortable to you. They don’t be like “beta come, it does not look nice” and then I see the sad and please-come type of faces of the guests. I get so confused that it’s really a tough decision to go or not to go.

I am not able to be firm as a rock on something I decide. I often tend to think that if I take this decision will I suffer a lot in future? Or what good/bad will happen to me? I mean whatever be the outcome, good/bad I should be happy on what I believe is good for me at that point of time. Others views should not matter for me. But there are things called EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING which people often do.

When usually a person is emotionally blackmailed then in the first case, he/she might know he/she is being emotionally blackmailed and they don’t say anything just to, you know make the other person happy. But the second case is very tedious for the person who is being blackmailed. It’s a kind of DO-OR-DIE type of typical, stupid situation. Means if the victim says no to that person who is blackmailing then that person’s emotions are hurt and the victim won’t obviously like it. And he/she has to think so much on saying a no or yes. My guests do the same thing. They emotionally blackmail me and I feel like urghhhhhhh!! I just can’t take so much of load. And I start my drama.

Hahhahaha whatever it may be! I am leaving it here. Because in the end it depends on me to go or not to go to places I don’t want to go with my guests. J

Weird enough? I KNOW

Being Beautiful


Here I want to make it clear that I am not going to advice you on using any beauty product and will also not tell you to exercise, eat right food or you know anything external. I am going to talk about how to outshine with your inner beauty. The beauty which lies in your heart. Philosophical enough? Ha-ha but to some extent only.

 Yes, outer beauty is essential because it is one of those things that speak volumes about your personality, but if outer looks do not work then it will always be the inner ‘YOU’ which will do wonders for you. To be beautiful from inside is very easy is not something I will tell you to believe because I too find it pretty hard. Talking about the qualities one needs to be beautiful from inside be somewhat like this-polite behavior, no arguments type of attitude, kind nature, not criticizing people by their outer looks because you never really know what qualities their heart possesses ,etc.these qualities might help you.  Usually we tend to take the following compliment very seriously and feel so proud about it which is “You have a beautiful soul” and that’s where we melt, because people have melted for us because they think we have a beautiful soul. And this compliment literally means that we are really, really good!!!

  I illustrate the following statements – You are a fatso and you can never be beautiful, you have murdered a person so you can never be nice, you have had many affairs and so you can never be loyal! These statements have some things in common-The adjectives beautiful, nice and loyal which are often necessary for a pious heart. I would never call a fat person ugly just because of his/looks. And if the criminal has murdered and has realized his mistake and is trying to improve then he is a good man. And what will the world do if someone had affairs? Can he/she not settle finally with someone and keep their spouse happy for their entire life? Yes he/she can. We need wise, understanding and warm heart to accept peculiar things.

I believe that my heart has a mind which is very emotional than my real mind (that’s the difference probably). This is my theory. I am trying really hard to become a beautiful person (internally). I wish I be the same soon.

 Supporting people when they do not deserve it will make you beautiful. I am not telling to support the wrong ones but supporting non-deserving people by giving them courage to do something which will make them deserve everyone’s love is something a beautiful heart does. Ovation for people who do great deeds and being happy in their happiness makes you beautiful. Making umpteen efforts to free someone from their sorrows makes you a beautiful person. And lastly doing everything for yourself and your loved ones without any bad vibe or thought will eventually make your soul beautiful.

Being beautiful from outside is a good thing but beauty which comes from within is a very precious and one of the finest quality.

Nights…. <3

Nights make me happy.

I REALLY LOVE NIGHTS! Nights just have something in them.Results suggests i am a night owl rather than a morning lark! it’s true 🙂 Nights have that magic I cannot describe. Nights give you peace after a day’s hard work and some quality time with your family. The reason why I love nights? I tend to create a whole new environment for myself at night. Mostly after 10 pm my family dozes off, leaving behind the television, the WHOLE KITCHEN, empty rooms and lot of silence. In my room I have a totally different time when night approaches. There is so much to do! Playing some good loud music, editing pictures, writing on topics, and earlier when school was there, at that time there was so much of homework piled up, altogether to be done at night. Statistics! I used to practice each sum with a Bollywood track and the speed I got was just so fast.

Munching snacks was another thing which I do even now! At this very minute I have something in my mouth(spicy wafers)!! ha ha eating at night has its own charm! I make some yummy maggi and a cup of coffee when I think there is nothing which will excite my taste buds. I follow my heart when it comes to food.

When you find people like you who are late night people, then its a wish come true. I have such insomniac friends! Seriously the time flies like free bird during night. It’s another thing that mornings be lazy and i-cannot-wake-up types, but it’s worth I think. Worth for me at least.

It’s true that one cannot see the bloomed flowers and happy birds and the bright sun during night, but the silence, the music, the food, the scent of some flowers which they emit during nights are really worth it.

But as people say ‘After a dark night, comes a bright morning’ , are really our nights bad? It’s we who make our nights darker! And think nights are negative. This mentality should be changed as nights gives us that extra time to work upon our plus points and impress the world! Moreover impress ourselves by our capabilities.

“So nights never you feel sad and lonely, because I am there to make so much of good out of you and I love you infinity”