Human connections

It is said that sometimes you meet people and there’s no effort required, no flaunting to be done and there is nothing to hide as you just connect with that person. But many of us may believe this belief to be vague or not true, and it is okay to believe like that as some people may require more time and efforts to connect with the fellow person so it’s alright.
But, but, but, for those who believe that something of this sort does happen, like connecting with someone’s attitude instantly or having a good conversation with them without a single dull moment, are the ones who are lucky or we can say for that sort of people that miracles do happen. Don’t you think it is great to be connecting with someone’s talks or just the way they are? It all seems strange in the beginning like you didn’t even know that the person with whom you are so good friends with now, could actually have entered your life or not! Quoting another famous saying that goes like this ‘if it is meant to happen it will always happen’ and this is not just about finding your soul mate, but finding good people to surround with and finding friends who turn into your family. It’s like meeting new people and loving them so much just for the way they are and how they make you feel about the both of you or just you.

Having someone though just as friend who understands you, your dumb jokes, your moods and still finds you good enough to talk is a blessing. Moreover, it all depends upon the mindset of both of you. It may happen that you connect with a person really well like just so quickly but that may not be the same for that person on the other side. But, that does not mean you both are not meant to have any future as one can always take time and know the other person well to make things work. Some efforts are surely required in order to know someone.

 Its only in those rare cases about which I have mentioned before that you instantly connect with a person and you both share a hilariously good bond.

But those instant connections are not be just left there and there but should be nurtured for a lifetime, to increase their life span. You may have been friends with someone on a very short notice (haha, I mean very quickly), but if you put zero efforts to make your friendship last longer, then that miracle which happened will be of no use!

In this world there are so many people and so many moods to deal with, to love, to laugh on, to help and what not! We just need to find ‘our people’ and retain them not only for the rest of our lives but also to infinity and beyond.


Best friend turns 19🎉

Just don’t know how to begin..But I remember how it all began!

Two little girls with fear in their hearts and tear in their eyes,

Wanted to befriend someone nice! 

Fate had it and we met in the second standard.!

From then you have been with me leaving no leaf unturned! 

Those millions of fights and talks of spice

We were gossip queens from childhood! Ohh nicee.!!

Celebrating friendship days with bands and celebriting real friendship on needy matters we grew up! 

Not knowing one day we are gonna get screwed up! Haha

Boyfriend matters and petty confusions, hot selfies and ugly pictures we were growing up so fast.!

School was our happy place from sitting together to dining together it all made sense because we are best friends.!

I didn’t know how these twelve and a half years have passed.! But yea I got your back ladyyyy! 

Ah now I call you ladyyy, my pretty lady with the kindest heart and sweetest soul.!

I love you as a person and moree! 

You carried your fatasss till 19 years!! Haha glad I am to be by your side and wish you! 

Don’t worry I am there for you❤️
Happy 19th! Heta shah❤️

How a café feels ~

Holaa! I am a café A cafe in France.

I am someone’s favourite & someone may dislike my coffee!

Many people every day, every hour visit me!

I have seen many relationships blossom,

And many breakups.

A lot happens over the coffee i provide and i love seeing people rejoice

I have seen everything! From friends coming down and clicking selfies,

Trying out new coffee flavours and having a gala time: D

To big businessmen coming over and discussing hefty deals!

I love it the most when kids smile while they enjoy their frappe

Its super cute when early teens come and try to show off in front of their girlfriends and order stuff.

Not a single day does it happen that I don’t see a person waiting for the other,

And later their sweet fights over some coffee!

I also see people coming and spending some time with their self, reading a book with creamy coffee!

I feel super cool when pretty girls with their shopping bags come and drink coffee!

How sophisticated people come and act so nicely makes me feel their respect towards me.

I have seen each mode, every type of person, and I provide every type of coffee and snacks.

And that makes my life so beautiful being just a COOL café.

Perfection? or No Perfection?

Seldom I think,

How the world of perfection will be?

Will it be a world of perfections which I want? Or

A world of natural perfections?

What would happen if it seems to be world of my perfections?

Obviously Iwill be excited but,

Will I be satisfied? Maybe. But a perfect world? How would it feel ,

To live somewhere where there are no flaws?

Will it make us happy? It may. But it can take away many of our life experiences.

Having everything correct and without any corrections can be boring and uninspiring!

A perfect world is not just all about zero flaws and everything as per our wish,

But a perfect world is something we create out of our mistakes.

If I imagine a perfect life with lot of wealth and good people,

Then I will have to work for it and then will I see a perfect self-made world.

“NOTHING IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD” but food your mom cooked for you may be perfect,

You may find a boy/girl who may have flaws but is perfect for you!

You may find your room perfect someday which you find messy and dirty every day!

You may have a perfect day with everything you want.

Likewise perfection is related to self perspective.

What you feel is good for you seems perfect to you!

Though it may be imperfect in many ways.

You find something perfect for yourself,

This means you have done something with it and experienced something.

Feeling the sense of perfection is all about converting something into perfect thing.

Perfection is not an easy art. Provided it’s an art, anyone with his own ideas can,

Attain perfection in anything.

So, always think of a world of self made perfections.




The 18th Birthday!

14th August, 2015. This was the very date which marked the adulthood of my life technically! Meaning to say Ii turned 18 on this date. So, turned 18 and all haan ? My parents and friends asked me with that typical tone you know? I was like yeah but please don’t expect me to grow so big and utterly responsible like so soon.

Coming back to that day, it was pretty good. My second best friend, idiot Purva had called me at 11:57 pm and was like that she will only be the first one to wish me, and we were talking like fools for the rest of 3 minutes. And then it was 12:00am and she was like “okay stop your talks and happy birthday girl!! You are 18 yaaayyiee” And I was laughing like retards and thanking her and she was laughing too. Then my other best friend who was in California for a mini vacation, couldn’t call me properly and so texted me a message wherein I could only see hearts and a happy birthday! Both of my super idiot best friends had uploaded a picture on instagram and had written down cute things as caption, plus they were forcing me to see their upload ha-ha-ha. Whatever they are I love them both and was very happy seeing them do cute little things for me.

Later mummy was furious because she wasn’t getting any chance to wish me because I was engrossed with my friends. Though later kissing my cheeks she told “happy 18th baacha, long live but live wisely” and I had a call from my dad who was out of station for some work and he sang the whole birthday song for me on the call and even his friends who were with him wished me by the song and daddy started giving me word of advises. That was the all about THE 12:00 AM WISHES.

Later in the morning I went to college and people wished me. I gave a treat to my friends in the canteen and things went nicely. After the college was over I met Pranshu, helly and later we went to cut my cake which helly had made herself and that was so cute of her. Purva and harshita(horshoe) too joined us and we went at my house to cut the cake. And later we had experimented my selfie stick by going on the roof and clicking pictures. I had such happy hours spent I cannot describe! Though my 18th was a bit simple because I couldn’t throw a party as heta was not here, a grand party when she comes is sure on the charts. The funny part is I keep wondering what heta will bring me from there and then I feel all excited and I text her and we joke.

Coming back to my so-called 18th birthday, for the dinner we all as in helly,purva,kalpita and harshita and me went to Mirch Masala . we all got ready at helly’ s place and had so much fun being dressed and clicking pictures. Later at Mich Masala we had yummy Punjabi food and cracked hilarious jokes.

I had such a calm 18th birthday but the people who were with me and who will always be made it a memorable one and I love them so much.

I thank all the people who wished me , had done efforts to make me happy and people who from this adulthood, swear to be with me till the very old age(ALL MY MAINS) ❤

Welcome to reality- COLLEGE!

Think of a change and you will be excited! Changes generally excite us if they are acute and in simple and small ways. But if I think about the change I experienced on 6th July, 2015 which was the day that has marked the beginning of my college life, this change from school life to college life was a massive one. There were new faces, beautiful new campus and new teachers who will impart knowledge to us. Nevertheless I am very excited for it and will give my best shot!

New beginnings are always going to bring a bouquet of blessings from elders and happiness and excitement from your peers. Particularly talking about my situation then switching from the school life to college life is going to be super fun plus in college we are going to grow as an individual and will learn life lessons.

College teaches us what school taught us but in a more practical way and where we will have real problems and we will have to face them.

This is a fresh and inexperienced phase of my life which I eagerly want to experience and learn from. Like they say that it’s going to be like a roller coaster ride wherein we will face the real ups and downs of life and what it takes to excel in something by team work and devotion. We will have tough times but just one solution to deal with it which to DEAL WITH IT.

Not writing much and just hoping that time gives us enough time to make wonderful memories with our new batch mates(though I have some of my school friends but others are new) and we will learn good things from this college and achieve success we are desiring from such a long time.


Childhood is really the happiest period of any individual. Missing and realizing the importance of my childhood, I rethink all the moments I had spent in my childhood. Be it nonstop cartoon watching or sleeping by hearing the song my grandma sang for me. Ha-ha I also remember how daddy used to take me forcefully to the barber’s and I used to cry so hard.

I cannot forget how mummy used to scold me if I did not eat the khichdi with ghee!! There are endless memories stored in our heart if we talk about childhood. Living the childhood period again, I mean after you are 18 may not be the same but it can surely give you aww moments and happy ones too. Childhood is full of candies, the excitement of wearing new clothes, not able to wait for your birthday and call friends and eat cake, of how our one cry would give us things we wanted.

 Everyone hopefully remembers their childhood with delight. But growing up is not that bad as people think. I have read on instagram like” you were such a cutie good boy!! Now what happened??” to which answer came “I grew up!” woahhh!! Such a reply is too much of an overreaction.

According to me we should enjoy each phase of our life and have the most happening bitter-sweet memories out of each phase. Off course, childhood was more of a simple, stress free phase but back then we were dependent for little things. Growing up makes us understand more of ourselves.

I believe age is just a number, phases and moments hold a prime place. There is nothing like if you are 6 years old then you could learn how to swim, or anything else even I am learning to swim now!! There is no age to learn and no age to think you cannot do something because of your age, as far as you have the capacity to do it. You can do anything which kids do.

We all are humans and we are born to do things. To do crazy, good, pathetic things and learn from them. Childhood had mature hands to carry us when we fall and our adulthood has our own mind, heart to make us realize what’s correct-incorrect. I just wish to make the best of my life and not hear what others think of me. I don’t want to mind any comments of people be it hey beautiful or hey aunty!! Ha-ha. I want to be stupid and smart. Alert and fooled. And everything else. So do all of us.

It’s  just one life, make most of it and be happy. 😀